Gives Up to 40% When Groups Play the GPS GeoCache Challenge a Treasure Hunt Team Builder

Go Adventures - 3 Hour Rally - Indoors or Out - Comes to a School, Park or Location Near the Group - DMV Wide


How Groups Earn
• Youth (ages 10 to 17) tix price is $55.00 pp, Adult (age 18+) is $65 pp
• Ticket sales earn: 10+ 20% | 25+ 30% | Sellout at 60 is 40%
• Percentage is paid on all tix sales
• For example, if group sells 29 tix, 30% is paid for all tix sold

What’s Included and Required
• Groups can be youths (ages 10-17), adults (ages 18+) or mixed
• Complete set-up, break-down and the coordinators to run the rally
• Participant waiver required, parent signature for players under 18 years

How Supporters Participate
• Grouprally creates a custom event listing for your group with its own URL 
• Groups give the web link to their supporters who take all actions from there
• Participants buy tix from the event listing  

Location – Comes to Park, School or Location Near the Group 
• Group picks from locations Go Adventures provides or their own venue
• Rally can be Indoors or Outdoors

Group options to enhance your rally
• Raise added funds at your rally, from an activity you run (50/50 raffle, etc.)
• Add a Grouprally Caterer to your rally and tix price to earn more

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Rally Times: Selected date below from 10AM to 4PM
Participant Minimum: 10 Maximum: 60
• Age Minimum: 10+ years
• Confirmation:
 Within 3 business days requests are approved or not
To Book: Select from the calendar, follow the free checkout instructions


About the Go-Adventures Treasure Hunt Team Building Rally

The treasur hunt team building program is designed for groups of 10 to 60 participants, ages 10 and above. Teams of 3 to 10 participants will use a GPS unit and a list of waypoints to find a series of clues and caches. Collecting these waypoint items will give teams the information and equipment to complete a series of problem-solving challenges and timed events. The Final Challenge will bring these smaller teams back together for a large-group, problem-solving activity.

The GPS GeoCache Challenge can be set up as a “friendly competition,” or as a themed event, at a school, conference room, or park in your area.

Go Adventures designs a GPS Geocaching Course at your location, or a nearby park or wooded area near you. Go Adventures designs and prints out a custom passport that includes your logo, any pertinent details about the caches in your course, and instructions for using the GPS.  On the day of your rally, Go-Adventures professional guide will run the program from start to finish, setting out the caches, teaching your participants how to use the provided GPS, and tracking their progress throughout the course.


  1. Once your rally is confirmed, we’ll provide a web link to your Go Adventures Grouprally for you to use
  2. You’ll also receive more detailed information about how you’ll be updated on ticket sales in the confirmation email
  3. You will be contacted by a representative from Go Adventures to discuss the rally and answer any questions
  4. From your online rally listing supporters can see info like location, calendar, social share it, and buy their tickets
  5. Supporters can also find a link to an online liability waiver that must be completed by ticket purchasers before the rally
  6. On the day of the rally, the organizer must be at the location 45 minutes in advance to check-in your attendees
  7. That’s it. Simply encourage supporter turn-out and start team building for your cause!


Cancellation Policy: Rallies that do not meet their minimum 7 days before the rally date are subject to cancellation. In the event of a cancellation due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to hold the rally, it can be rescheduled for free to the next mutually convenient date.

Ticket Policy: Purchased tickets for rallies are non-refundable except if the group fails to meet its minimum and the rally is canceled. Additionally, in the event of a cancellation due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to hold the rally and the rally is not rescheduled, ticket refunds will be issued. All ticket refunds will be for the price of the ticket after deducting a per ticket processing fee of $2.50. Groups are always welcome to find another supporter to use previously purchased tickets and coordinate with their group organizer to update their attendance information. This policy is disclosed when tickets are bought.


GO-Adventures specializes in experience-based training for both individuals and groups. Go Adventures customizes a team building or adventure instruction program to suit your goals. Programs for adult and youth groups can be recreational or goals-driven, and Go Adventures can deliver team building and adventure throughout the MD/DC/VA region.

GO-Adventures: Company Website | Facebook


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