Gives Up to 30% for a Teen or Adult Dynamic, Hands On Self-Defense Workshop at the Aware Studio or Your Location

Aware Self Defense - 4 Hour Rally - Mt. Airy, Maryland or Your Location


How Groups Earn
• Ticket price is $74.99
• Ticket sales earn: 25% for 10+, 30% for 15+
• The percentage is paid on all tix sales
• For example, if 15 tix are sold, 30% is paid on all

What’s Included and Required
• Groups can be teens, adults or mixed
• Instructor, supervision and all materials 
• Exclusive use of the new studio
• Groups learn reality-based techniques of self-defense

How Supporters Participate
• Grouprally creates a custom event listing for your group with its own URL 
• Groups give the web link to their supporters who take all actions from there
• Participants buy tix from the event listing 

Rally Location 

• Rally can be at the Aware studio or at a location the group prefers 
• For rally locations 20 miles from the studio a small travel fee may apply
– This will be determined once you request to book & can be added to tix price

Group options to enhance your rally
• Raise added funds at your rally, from an activity you run (50/50 raffle, etc.)

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Rally Starts: Saturday: 1:30PM | Sunday: 10AM | Weekdays: 2PM
Participant Minimum: 10 Maximum: 20
• Age Minimum: 13
• Confirmation:
 Within 3 business days requests are approved or not
To Book: Select a date below, follow the free checkout instructions


About the Aware Self Defense Rally
All experience and ability levels can participate and will learn important tactical maneuvers that are practical to use. Reality based self-defense training is conducted with Aware’s expert instructors. They emphasize the different defense strategies based on the type of attack, including defenses from choking, grabs and headlocks. Aware’s self defense rally has its roots in the practical applications of Israeli Commando Krav Maga, Philippino, Doce Pares, Japanese Judo/Jiu-Jitsu and other traditional martial arts.


  1. Once your rally is confirmed, we’ll provide a web link to your Aware Self Defense Grouprally for you to use
  2. You’ll also receive more detailed information about how you’ll be updated on ticket sales in the confirmation email
  3. You will be contacted by a representative from Aware to discuss the rally and answer any questions
  4. From your online rally listing supporters can see info like location, calendar, social share it, and buy their tickets
  5. On the day of the rally, the organizer must be at the location 30 minutes in advance to check-in your attendees
  6. That’s it. Simply encourage supporter turn-out and start defending yourself for your cause!


Cancellation Policy: Rallies that do not meet their minimum 7 days before the rally date are subject to cancellation. In the event of a cancellation due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to hold the rally, it can be rescheduled for free to the next mutually convenient date.

Ticket Policy: Purchased tickets for rallies are non-refundable except if the group fails to meet its minimum and the rally is canceled. Additionally, in the event of a cancellation due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to hold the rally and the rally is not rescheduled, ticket refunds will be issued. All ticket refunds will be for the price of the ticket after deducting a per ticket processing fee of $2.50. Groups are always welcome to find another supporter to use previously purchased tickets and coordinate with their group organizer to update their attendance information. This policy is disclosed when tickets are bought.


Aware Self Defense Bootcamps have their roots in the practical applications of Israeli Commando Krav Maga, Philippino, Doce Pares, Japanese Judo/Jiu-Jitsu and other Traditional Martial Arts. Because there are no rules in a street fight or a personal attack our instructors have pooled their knowledge base and experience and created a self-defense system based on a few basic principles:

  • The simpler the technique the more practical it is.
  • The technique must have only 2-3 gross body movements to complete.
  • The technique must be able to be successfully completed by any individual regardless of their size against any individual regardless of their size.

If a technique does not fit into even one these 3 rules, then Aware does not adopt it. And, Aware is constantly looking for improvements that can be made as we train, learn and grow! All Aware personnel are active in the martial arts, self defense and have years of experience as instructors and practitioners. 

Our classes are reality based which may not only be foreign to you but we have found that this phrase is open to numerous interpretations. For us ‘reality based’ means that:

  • While some techniques are broken down and taught statically, the finished technique has no practicality if it is not taught dynamically. You will learn all of our self-defense techniques in a practical and dynamic fashion.
  • We always train as if our attackers are bigger, stronger and faster than us. In addition, multiple attackers are always taken into consideration.
  • You will train your learned techniques in an unlimited number of scenarios and environments: Stairwells, Elevators, Parking lots, wearing winter clothes, with obstacles, and even in the dark are just a few examples.
  • You must learn to defend yourself under extremely stressful situations including the stress from fatigue. Our Stress and Strain Training and Testing are the keystone to understanding your realistic and practical ability to defend yourself or a loved one.

Finally, safety is the most important portion for ourselves and our students. Safety aspects are considered in the development of all of our techniques.

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