Gives Up to 40% When Your Group Takes On Escape Challenges in Amazingly Designed Rooms

Big Escape Rooms - 1 Hour Game Time - 1 to 2 Hour Event - Silver Spring, MD


How Groups Earn
• Minimum group size is 10, max is 60 (over 60 submit contact form)
• Ticket price is $26.00 before tax
• 10+ tix earns 25% | 20+ earn 30% | 40+ earn 40%
• The percent is paid on all sales (e.g., 41 earns 40% on all tix)

How Supporters Participate
• Supporters buy tickets from your online rally listing at

What’s Included and Required
• The organizer must arrive 30 minutes early to check in group attendees
• Groups of 10 pick one room, 10 – 20 pick two, 30+ use all three
• Ages 10+, the clown room is least difficult and best for younger players
• Complete coordination and staging to run all games included

Group options to enhance your rally
• Groups of 10 to 29 may add a party room for $50
• Groups of 30+ have party room use included with their ticket price
• Raise added funds at your rally, from activity you run (50/50 raffle, etc.)
• Bringing your own food or catering is an option
• Rallies of 20+, can add La Prima catering to the tix price, to earn more

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• Dates: Date selected for 1 hr. of game action
• Event time for 30+ is 2 hrs, 1 hour game action over two hours
• Within 3 business days, your dates will be confirmed or not
• Select from the calendar below, follow the free checkout instructions

About Outbreak

Difficulty: Very High
Escape Rate: 19%
Clues: 6

The Outbreak escape room is our most challenging escape room with the lowest success rate, and is recommended for players who have attempted an escape room before.  Your team will be given 6 clues to escape this room. Outbreak is a customer favorite and almost everybody who takes on this challenge enjoys it.

About Clown

Difficulty: Medium
Escape Rate: 35%
Clues: 3

Clown is an intermediately difficult escape room and is recommended for teams that are less experienced at escape rooms.  With an escape rate of 35%, this room still poses a fun challenge for players.  Participant’s tend to find this room a little scarier than our others although there are no live clowns in the room with you.

About Pharaoh

Difficulty: High
Escape Rate: 25%
Clues: 3

It’s the biggest archaeological find in history. Filled with gold, jewels, and priceless antiquities, the world is eager to see the artifacts in all their glory. There’s just one problem. Dr. Jones has mysteriously disappeared from his office at the Museum of Natural History. Your team has been called in to finish his research in time for the grand opening.

About Basketball

Difficulty: Beginner
Escape Rate: 50%
Clues: 3

The Basketball escape room was initially designed for the Atlanta Hawks and built out inside of Philips Arena in Downtown Atlanta.  Your team has been trapped inside the locker room and it’s 45-minutes until game time! This new attraction can handle six versus ten for the other rooms at a time. 


  1. Once your rally is confirmed, we’ll provide a web link to your Big Escape Rooms grouprally for you to use
  2. You’ll also receive more detailed information about how you’ll be updated on ticket sales in the confirmation email
  3. You will be contacted by a representative from Big Escape Rooms to discuss the rally and answer any questions
  4. From your online rally listing supporters can see rally info and calendar, social share, and buy their tickets
  5. On the day of the rally, the organizer must be at the location 30 minutes in advance to check-in your attendees
  6. That’s it. Simply encourage supporter turn-out and enjoy a big adventure for your cause!


About Big Escape Rooms: Escape games are adventures in which players find clues, crack codes and use their sleuth prowess to solve a series of puzzles within 60 minutes to escape a themed room. With the clock counting down, you may make it, you may not.  But one thing is for sure. Escape games are great fun for children, parents and all above ten years of age!

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Cancellation Policy: Rallies that do not meet their minimum 7 days before the rally date are subject to cancellation. In the event of a cancellation due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to hold the rally, it can be rescheduled for free to the next mutually convenient date.

Ticket Policy: Purchased tickets for rallies are non-refundable except if the group fails to meet its minimum and the rally is canceled. Additionally, in the event of a cancellation due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances that make it impossible to hold the rally and the rally is not rescheduled, ticket refunds will be issued. All ticket refunds will be for the price of the ticket after deducting a per ticket processing fee of $2.50. Groups are always welcome to find another supporter to use previously purchased tickets and coordinate with their group organizer to update their attendance information. This policy is disclosed when tickets are bought.

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