Gives Up to 25% When You Play Glow-in the-Dark Indoor Mini Golf During Your 3 Week Pop-Up Rally

Monster Mini Golf - 3 Week Receipt Rally - Rockville/Gaithersburg - MD


How Groups Earn
• All purchases made during a weekday for regular price admission
• 20+ tix earn 10% | 50+ tix earn 20% | 100+ tix earn 25%
• The percent is paid on all sales (e.g., 50+ tix earns 20% on all sales)
• Percent is applied to net admission, excluding taxes and fees

How Supporters Participate
• See the rally listing at
• Plan to go and purchase from the business online or at the location
• Supporters upload their receipts from your rally listing at

What’s Included and Required
• Purchases must be made during your rally time period to be eligible
• No purchase promotions, discounts or combo deals count

Group options to enhance your rally
• Encourage your supporters to go as a group and bring others
• Supporters that plan go together may have food and party room options

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• Rally Duration: 3 weeks starting on a Monday
• Admission receipts for Monday – Friday count
• Minimum 10 receipt submissions from group supporters and up
• Within 3 business days, your dates will be confirmed or not
• Select the Monday for rally’s start, follow the free checkout instructions


  1. Once your rally is confirmed, we’ll provide a web link to your Monster Mini Golf grouprally for you to use to encourage attendance
  2. You’ll also receive more information about your rally including how you can see how many have bought an admission
  3. From you online rally listing supporters can see info and take actions; calendar and social share it, upload receipt
  4. Receipts must be uploaded within one week of admission purchase
  5. That’s it. Simply encourage supporter turn-out and mini golf for your cause!


Monster Mini Golf Grouprally: Come out on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday during the three weeks of your rally and your supporter’s regular admission price purchase counts towards your grouprally totals.

About Monster Mini Golf: Monster Mini Golf welcomes guests of all ages with 18 holes of spooky, glow-in-the-dark fun. At the one-of-a-kind indoor golf course, guests are treated to just the right amount of spook, thanks to fog machines, colorful lasers, and special effects. As players move from hole to hole, they’ll even see a few animatronic monsters, who shake, wiggle, and even talk. Meanwhile, an energetic soundtrack of classic hits keeps spirits high as the visitors conquer each hole’s monster-themed obstacles and hazards. In between songs, the course DJ pumps up the crowds with interactive games and trivia questions, rewarding lucky winners with take-home prizes.

Safety and Cleanliness are Paramount: The play areas are always supervised by trained staff, and as little ones frolic, a child security system tracks visitors through identity bracelets and video monitoring. These safety measures, along with the use of FDA-certified cleaning solutions, put parents at ease as they relax and watch their little ones play or use their free wifi to browse the Internet for ways to pimp their minivans.
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