Gives 25% for the Little Musketeers & 3 Other Fencing Programs Supporter's Sign Up for During Their Group's 60 Day Pop-Up Rally

Invictus Sports Club - Little Musketeers, Beginner, Adult & Dry Foil Progams - Gaithersburg - MD


How Groups Earn
• Supporters sign up for one of the 4 eligible programs
• Participants submit their purchase receipt to Grouprally
• Group earns 25% of the monthly program fees

How Supporters Participate
• Enroll in one of the eligible programs offered by Invicta Sports directly
• Submit their purchase receipt from the group’s rally listing

What’s Included and Required
• Receipt must be for one or any of the following:
– Little Musketeers: Ages 5 to 7, $110 a month
– Beginner program: Ages 8 to 13, $210 a month
– Adult program: $110 a month
– Dry Foil program: $110 a month
• 1st month receipt and all consecutive month receipts are eligible
• If program is stopped for any month, no receipts thereafter are eligible

Group options to enhance your rally
• Encourage supporters to invite others to join them

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• Rally runs for 60 days from the Monday selected below
• Group earns for as long as supporter is continuously enrolled
• Minimum of 10 receipt submitters
• Within 3 business days, your dates will be confirmed or not
• Select from the calendar and follow the free checkout instructions


  1. Once your rally is confirmed, we’ll provide a web link to your Invicta Sports rally for you to use to encourage attendance
  2. You’ll also receive more detailed information about how you’ll be updated on receipts submitted in the confirmation email
  3. From you online rally listing supporters can see rally info, calendar and share it, as well as submit their receipts
  4. That’s it. Simply encourage supporter turn-out and become a sports enthusiast for your cause!


About the Invicta Sports Fencing Receipt Rally: There’s something for every age and ability in Invicta’s four fencing programs. Supporters that enroll in one of these four programs during your 60 day rally time period are eligible to earn for their group for the length of their continued enrollment. If enrollment is ceased or paused, receipts for any additional months are not eligible. Any of these four programs are eligible to earn 25% of the monthly fee for the group. Supporters must submit their receipt from your rally listing at for the receipt to be eligible. The rally listing provides all instructions for group supporters to participate and explains how simple it is to submit receipts from the listing.

• Little Musketeers (Ages 5 to 7).Monthly fee $110.00. 45 min. class every Sunday from 10:00 am-10:45 am. You can join at any time during the season. Kids learn the basic skills of competitive fencing, playing with swords under experienced professional supervision. We provide safe fencing equipment specially designed for this age group. Monthly fee includes equipment and membership fee.

• Adult Program: (Ages 13+) Monthly fee $110.00. 1.5-hour class/ 1 class a week. Tuesday 7:00 pm- 8:30 pm. We provide equipment. Whether an experienced fencer looking to improve your skills or as a beginner, Invicta Sports is the place for you. Are you looking to compete nationally? Or simply enjoy this graceful art? Come and join. Monthly fee includes membership fee and open practice every Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

• Beginner Program: (Ages 8 -13) Monthly fee $210.00. 1.5 hour class/1 class per week: Tuesday 5:30 pm-7:00 pm, and 1 private lesson a week, which you can schedule at your convenience. Monthly fee $210.00 includes 4 group classes, 4 private lessons, open practice every Friday from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm and membership fee. You can join the class at any time during the season. We provide all necessary equipment except for the fencing glove (available for purchase). Children learn the rules, techniques, and terminology of the sport of fencing, offensive and defensive techniques with the blade, and proper footwork. Enroll today, and see them competing at the national level in a year.

• Dry Foil Program: (All Ages) Monthly fee $210.00. 1 hour class/1 class per week: Sunday 10:00 am-11 am. Non-competitive class with non-electric blades. We provide safe fencing equipment. The price includes membership fee. 

About Invicta Sports Club: Invicta Sports is a brand new family friendly facility offering classes and fun sessions in the sport of fencing, archery, and more. We have top tier coaches trainers, and state of the art equipment.

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