Here are some common questions about Grouprally.


What is Grouprally?

Grouprally is a marketplace platform that intermediates between local merchants who want to make their businesses available to local groups for events (i.e., rallies) the business offers that can earn group’s cash back. Groups can see and book rallies online with a variety of civic minded merchants to earn a share of their supporter’s purchases, made at the business, during their rally.

Grouprallies can be exclusive group activities that occur at the merchant site at a specific day and time or they can be virtual, where supporters simply make an individual purchase from the business during your rally days, weeks or month and submit a receipt to us.

Grouprally events are run on our easy to use, turn-key platform that uses the ubiquity and ease of use of the smartphone to power events, maximizing awareness and participation.

It’s simple, fun and rewarding for businesses, local groups and their supporters. It’s free to start, requires no merchant or organizer administration, offers complete transparency and is the ideal platform to increase both local business sales and group funding.

What does Grouprally cost?

The service is free to use. All listings, bookings and rallies are 100% free to set-up for merchants, supporters and local groups. There is never any investment, risk or change to business operations. Groups pay nothing and except for group activity events, where they check-in supporters, have zero administrative work. Groups keep 100% of what they earn.

Merchants decide what their group rebate percentage will be and are invoiced only after verified purchases have been made by group supporters during their Grouprally. We report that. No tech or merchant admin required. Merchants pay only for performance, their pledged rebate amount for supporter purchases and nominal per sale processing fee. The fee covers our costs to perform all setup and end-to-end administration through final invoicing. It’s in addition to the pledge amount. That’s it, no other costs.

For ticketed Grouprallies, groups may have to make a “refundable” deposit so that the business may proceed to commit its resources to the rally.

Compared to other ways groups fund themselves this is a simpler, easier, cost free approach that participants enjoy.

What percent do businesses give back and what can we earn?

Typically, merchants give back from 20% to 40% of the sale net of taxes and tips if applicable. Depending on the size of each unique purchase and their own price and profit profile merchants choose the group rebate to offer. Group earnings can range from the hundreds to the thousands. All sales data is visible to both merchants and group organizers to the transaction level.

Groups keep 100% of what they raise and pay no fees. Grouprally is a completely transparent system.

How can this be work free?

There’s no work. Groups request their event on this site and once approved simply let their supporters know when their event is happening and provide a link to their event. That’s it! No administration, no work and no worries. We do the rest.

Merchants price, ring and collect for their sales as always. There’s no work or operating changes before, during or after events. It’s all done via the event listing that we manage.

For rallies that include ticket sales, that is done for you, from the event listing. The only thing we ask is that for larger ticketed events the organizer arrive early and check-in their attendees at the event. This is noted on the rally listing. 

How do you ensure only high quality local businesses list?

Grouprally businesses are chosen and each is vetted before listing. They’re among the most popular, established and respected locally owned businesses. Groups are encouraged to review the businesses local review site ratings and other sources of information before booking. We will make exceptions to local owners only in the event that there are no high-quality local options in that business category or that can reasonably serve the nearby community. We do not work with web brands, nationally run chains, and big-box retailers. We are buy-local service connecting natural allies, local groups with local businesses to build stronger communities.

What if there is a problem with the business or the group?

If there are any issues, email us at support@grouprally.com or call us at 888-365-4057, and we will look into for you. Our system is designed for transparency, entirely online and relieves the parties of any administrative work to eliminate problems. Groups that use outmoded processes like phone tag to book events, flyer turn-in to record purchases and, where organizers don’t know who attended tend to create problems and confusion. Grouprally modernizes the process eliminating common process problems.


Is Grouprally for all types of groups?

Yes, all groups are welcome! Schools, clubs, teams, causes. companies, for-profit organizations and self organizing groups or peers.

If you want to raise awareness and money for a cause, passion, project or any other legitimate purpose you can start a Grouprally.

How does Grouprally ensure all spending counts?

For Receipt Grouprallies: Supporters individually or with each other buy from the business during your rally time period and, provide purchase proof to us, from the group’s event listing, that includes a receipt image using their smartphone or PC. Each supporter receives confirmation triggered by successful submission. The submitted information is used to tally the results that both groups and merchants to view individually and in the aggregate.

For Ticketed Grouprallies: Supporters buy a ticket from the group’s event listing. Ticket purchases are reported to the group and the business individually and in the aggregate in near real time. Anyone can see how many tickets have been bought and how many are available in real time.

How many attendees do we need?

For receipt rallies typically five. Ticketed or rallies requiring RSVPs would require a minimum and that’s clearly stated on the booking page. In general, a group of ten or more purchasers makes it worthwhile for the business and the group.

What happens after we request a Grouprally?

Businesses have three business days to respond to booking requests. You will be notified by email. Once confirmed, the email will contain instructions on how the rally operates for your specific business. If the business needs to coordinate directly with your group, they will contact the group organizer.


Who can be a Grouprally business?

All local businesses in any business category with a good community reputation. Even personal services business that go to the customer’s residence or business can join. If you’re unsure for any reason, use the “contact us” form to inquire.

Please know, we do not work with nationally run chains and online only brands because we support local businesses and merchants who live and work in the communities they serve.

How does Grouprally compare to ads, discounts and daily deals?

Grouprally connects local groups with businesses for free. Our pay-for-performance system is the lowest cost path to new customers compared to any alternative. There are no systems that deliver this much value on a pay for performance only basis.

Businesses sells at their regular price. No discounting. Groups promote their rally directly to their supporters. No public advertising. Businesses set the terms and times of their rally availability driving traffic on the specific days and times they want it. No lengthy redemption periods.

Grouprally invoices the business after the rally for the groups share percentage and a nominal processing fee, for qualifying sales. No out of pocket costs, ever. Versus daily deals businesses earn two to four times as much net income per sale.

Plus, businesses are earning goodwill in their community, meeting motivated quality customers who will remember and refer them for helping out. 

How does a business claim a free listing?

Simply complete the business contact form. Grouprally will contact you to follow-up.

We’ll provide you with the information we need for us to create a free listing on this site for your business. We handle all service associated with our platform for you.

Still need help? Send us a note! Support@grouprally.com

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Grouprally is the easiest way for community groups and popular neighborhood businesses to connect for events that are simple, fun and earn groups cash-back.


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