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We experienced the low return on effort and lack of options when raising group funds, the inescapable hamster wheel of every grassroots group. Selling cheap products, usually from national providers, with a lot of individual work for very little group rewardWe decided that there had to be a  way to offer services, experiences, and products that we like and buy locally as part of a group event that earned a share of the sales. There wasn’t, so we started Grouprally.

We reinvented the wheel to connect top local businesses with local groups easily and simply for big mutual benefits.  Our smartphone powered share-a-sale events are optimized for the way people live and work now. We combine the latest mobile technology, innovative business systems and, ideas so that any group can earn cash back and for their events simply and easily with a popular local business.

Locals Supporting Locals


No Instructions Required


Rewards Exceed Effort


Our philosophy, local quality over quantity. Our promise, the best user experience. Our mission, make buying local to raise local, the smart choice. 

quality over quanity

Merchants who’ve proven that they can deliver a top quality experience, service or product with a focus on the customer.

Best User experience

We make it frictionless to offer popular local services, experiences, and products that supporters will line up for, efficiently and transparently.

Community Matters

Every dollar spent and raised supports community jobs and wages, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and grassroot purposes.
“We’re building a big, new, local economic and community development juggernaut powered by fundraising.  An overdue fundraising reformation that delivers 3x the local economic impact while easily returning more with less work to fundraisers versus today’s do-it-yourself approach.” Bob Gordon

CEO, Grouprally Inc.

“Grouprally’s online marketplace encourages person to person connections that create a more engaged, civic minded community. We’re the “good” local group sales channel and a real world community social network that values and rewards all of its participants fairly.” Kevin Milon

Advisor, Grouprally Inc

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Grouprally is the easiest way for community groups and popular neighborhood businesses to connect for events that are simple, fun and earn groups cash-back.

If you’re a local business that wants to grow, without discounting, work or marketing, and help your community apply for your free business listing.
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